4 Zoomers launch Pro Circuit Season 2 North America with win

4 Zoomers kicked off Dota’s Pro Circuit Season 2 North America Upper Division by defeating PentAce Tuesday.

The event, which lasts from April 13 through May 23, features eight teams competing for a total prize pool of $205,000 — six teams from the Upper Division of Season 1 plus a pair from the Lower Division.

The first-place finisher will qualify for the Major Playoffs, with the second-place squad eventually moving on to the Major Group Stage.

All matches are best-of-three in the single round-robin event.

4 Zoomers played on red for both maps in their victory. They made relatively quick work of their opponents in the opening map, winning in just over 26 minutes. PentAce put up more of a challenge on the second map, but 4 Zoomers came away with the win in over 38 minutes.

Pro Circuit Season 2 North America prize money and Dota Pro Circuit Points:
1st: $30,000, 500 DPC points + Major Playoff berth
2nd: $28,000, 300 + Major Group Stage berth
3rd: $27,000, 200
4th: $26,000, 100
5th: $25,000, 50
6th: $24,000, 0
7th: $23,000, 0
8th: $22,000, 0

Updated Standings:
1. 4 Zoomers 1-0
T2. Black N Yellow 0-0
T2. Evil Geniuses 0-0
T2. Quincy Crew 0-0
T2. simply TOOBASED 0-0
T2. The Cut 0-0
T2. Undying 0-0
8. PentAce 0-1

–Field Level Media

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