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Demand high for upcoming World Championship in Shanghai

After Riot Games’ success in their summer split viewership despite a pandemic, it’s clear there is plenty of demand to obtain a seat for 2020’s World Championship finals in Shanghai, China on Oct. 31.

The issue comes with supply, as only 6,312 seats are available at Pudong Football Stadium while the lottery provided for fans received over 3.2 million applicants, as revealed on Thursday by David Higdon, Riot’s global head of communications.

While the seats are free, only those with a phone number indicating they live in China, a valid ID, and an above level 30 league of Legends account have a chance to apply and win a seat. Those who win will be informed via text message and would have to put down a deposit that will be returned after the event — or donated should they not attend. Facial recognition will be used to keep from reselling won tickets at inflated prices.

Safety precautions, in light of the pandemic, will be taken in the form of temperature checks and keeping those who attend from sitting directly beside each other as Riot and Shanghai have vowed to work together to provide a safe experience for LoL fans.

Winners of the lottery will be revealed Friday leaving millions to prepare their couches for this season’s World Championship finals.

–Field Level Media

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