Renegades withdraw from ESL Pro League Season 14

Renegades on Wednesday withdrew from ESL Pro League Season 14 prior to the start of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition due to travel restrictions in Australia.

“Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic right now, we will be unable to attend ESL Pro League (in Europe),” Renegades in-game leader Joshua “INS” Potter said in a video released by the Australian organization on Twitter.

“For now we’ll compete in ESEA Premier next season and prepare for the RMR, and hopefully qualify for the Major and be able to attend at the end of the year.”

ESL is allowing forZe to replace Renegades in Group B of the event, which runs from Aug. 21-26. The Russian-based forZe are ranked 20th in the world.

G2,, OG, Sinners and Complexity are also in Group B.

–Field Level Media

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