Heroic terminate HUNDEN for ‘clear breach’ of contract

Heroic fired head coach Nicolai “HUNDEN” Peterson on Thursday, citing a “clear breach” of his contract.

According to a statement released by the Denmark-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, “severe trust issues” with HUNDEN developed before IEM Cologne in early July.

Heroic said an investigation revealed that HUNDEN had shared confidential and sensitive strategy information with a competitor prior to the tournament.

“This was done without the knowledge of anyone at Heroic, and would obviously not have been approved,” Heroic said in the statement. “… A legal process is ongoing in Denmark. Two courts have independently found sufficient grounds for evidence collection, which has been carried out.”

The dismissal comes one day after the 30-year-old HUNDEN released a statement on Twitter saying that he had only shared information about opponents’ strategies, not Heroic’s.

“Recent rumors claim that I have shared Heroic’s stratbook. This I can categorically deny,” HUNDEN wrote, in part. “I have the biggest respect for Heroic, and I would never want to harm the team or in any way affect them negatively.

“The material I have shared is anti-strat material of opponents. This material was shared with colleagues from other teams in the context of sparring. Knowledge sharing is essential for me as a coach in respect to staying in the loop and developing. At no point in time has Heroic’s own tactics been shared or discussed.”

HUNDEN originally joined Heroic in April 2020. In September 2020, the team suspended him for one year after he admitted using a spectator bug in matches at DreamHack Malmo 2020 and Home Sweet Home Cup 5. The ban was reduced to eight months due to his assistance with the investigation.

Heroic said the current issues with HUNDEN have been reported to the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

“The Heroic team is shocked by Nicolai’s actions and deeply saddened by the way he has let his teammates down, especially given the difficult decision we took to give him a second chance after the coach bug suspension,” read the Heroic statement. “… We are sorry that the relationship with Nicolai ended in this way and will not make further comments at this stage due to the sensitive nature of the case.”

–Field Level Media

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