Evil Geniuses set sail on partnership with Navy

Evil Geniuses have embarked on an esports partnership with the U.S. Navy, fielding and training a Counter Strike: Global Offensive squad of sailors called Goats & Glory.

A six-episode content series will follow Evil Geniuses’ team members and sailors as they exchange tips on “teamwork, training mental dexterity and discover how their skills as gamers can easily translate to careers in the Navy,” according to a press release issued Wednesday.

“Cameras will be there to capture it all, from skill shots to fails, and fans will be able to watch via YouTube and Twitter.”

“It’s an incredible honor to partner with America’s Navy as they take this step forward into esports,” said Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of Evil Geniuses.

“As one of the industry’s founding and most storied teams, EG has a legacy of excellence, teamwork, and discipline — values we are proud to share with the Navy. We are humbled to stand shoulder to shoulder with this incredible institution, and we can’t wait to show our fans what comes next.”

Evil Geniuses and Goats & Glory will also team up at September’s TwitchCon event in San Diego. In addition to appearing at the Navy activation space, Evil Geniuses’ team members will play with fans throughout the event, adding sailors to their squad and broadcasting special Squad Streams live from the event.

“Partnering with the Evil Geniuses provides the Navy a unique opportunity to engage with some of the world’s top gamers and improve relatability with prospective Sailors,” said Capt. Matt Boren, Chief Marketing Officer at Navy Recruiting Command.

“The skill sets utilized by Evil Geniuses — problem analysis, risk assessment, sensory perception and split-second decision-making — are the same skill sets required to succeed in critical Navy career fields, such as nuclear engineering, aviation, special warfare, cryptology and counterintelligence.”

–Field Level Media

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