ESIC bans retchy, 4pack for 5 years due to match fixing

Former Rebirth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano and Kevin “4pack” Przypasniak received five-year bans by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) on Monday after being implicated in a match-fixing case in ESEA Premier.

The suspensions will last until April 1, 2026.

retchy and 4pack were overheard on a recording with Rebirth teammate Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly discussing plans to fix a match against the Russian Canadians in ESEA Premier Season 35 North America. The Russian Canadians forfeited the match before it took place.

nosraC received a 111-day suspension for his role in the case. ESIC explained the discrepancy between the bans by noting that nosraC only participated in one inconclusive sentence in the recording in question, and the group found no evidence that suggested he breached the ESIC’s anti-corruption code.

“Most pertinent to the complications faced and the length of this investigation is ESIC’s observation of compelling evidence that suggests that organized crime groups and foreign betting syndicates were involved in fraudulent activities during the course of season 35 of the ESEA Premier: North America,” ESIC said.

–Field Level Media

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