Chaos bench ‘smooya’ due to visa issues

Owen “smooya” Butterfield has been moved to the Chaos Esports Club’s bench because of problems securing a visa.

On social media, smooya said his eligibility to stay in the United States was running out and he had an appointment scheduled for an interview for his visa, the last required step. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the interview was canceled and the 20-year-old had to return to the United Kingdom.

He joined Chaos in January.

“Until this whole situation is fixed I will be moved to the bench for ChaosEC,” he posted to TwitLonger. “They will find a replacement soon to help them finish the rest of Flashpoint and any other events they have coming up.

“I should be back very soon, it sucks because we just got a roster I was happy with but its just a small set back!”

–Field Level Media

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