BIG place XANTARES on transfer list

Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dortkardes’ time with BIG is coming to an end.

The German organization moved the 25-year-old Turkish star to the transfer list in order to make room for Nicklas “gade” Gade of Denmark, who was added to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster on Saturday.

“As of now, (XANTARES) will no longer be in the starting lineup and will move to the transfer list,” BIG CEO Daniel Finkler wrote on Twitter. “We are currently considering incoming transfer offers in close cooperation with Can and will announce updates as soon as we have found an appropriate solution for all parties.”

XANTARES has spent the past 2 1/2 years with BIG. His contract is set to expire at the end of this calendar year.

“I have decided to follow a new path both for my career and for myself,” XANTARES said in a Twitlonger post. “Aside from the good times I have spent while I played at BIG I have also had the opportunity to be able to realize my dream of being ‘Top 1’ among the teams rating and we succeeded in making our team the world’s number one.”

BIG’s lineup consists of four players from Germany: Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch, Nils “k1to” Gruhne, Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz. The team also includes gade, while XANTARES was put on the transfer list. Germany native Dustin “DuDe” Grobmann is the coach.

–Field Level Media

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