Astralis, mousesports move on at Flashpoint Season 3

Astralis and mousesports moved one victory away from the upper bracket final with wins Wednesday at Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s Flashpoint Season 3.

Astralis earned a 2-0 sweep of Double Poney in Round 2 of the upper bracket, while mousesports also earned a 2-0 sweep, while taking care of BIG.

In lower bracket action Wednesday, Anonymo Esports advanced to Round 2 with a 2-1 victory over HYENAS.

Denmark’s Emil “Magisk” Reif and Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen each had 47 kills for Astralis with a plus-14 kill/death differential. France’s Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt had 42 kills and a plus-4 differential for Double Poney, who dropped into the lower bracket where they will face Anonymo on Saturday.

Slovakia’s David “frozen” Cernansky had 43 kills and a plus-22 differential for mousesports, which cruised to a 16-5 win on Mirage and a 16-11 win on Nuke. Turkey’s Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dortkardes had 30 kills for BIG, who will face Sprout in Round 2 of the lower bracket on Saturday.

Astralis and mousesports will face each other Sunday for the right to play in the upper bracket final.

Anonymo pulled out a deciding 16-14 victory on Mirage to remain alive in the lower bracket. Anonymo advanced despite HYENAS’ Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjaerbye recording 69 kills and a plus-24 differential.

The $50,000 double-elimination event runs through May 30. All matches are best-of-three. The champion will receive $17,000 and 1,600 European Regional Major Rankings, with the runner-up getting $10,000 and 1,500 points.

Flashpoint Season 3 prize pool and European Regional Major Rankings points:

1. $17,000, 1,600 points
2. $10,000, 1,500 points
3. $7,000, 1,400 points
4. $5,000, 1,300 points
5. $4,000, 1,200 points
6. $3,000, 1,100 points
7. $2,000, 1,000 points
8. $2,000, 900 points
9. no money, 800 points
10. no money, 700 points
11. no money, 600 points
12. no money, 500 points
13-16. OG, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, HYENAS: no money, 250 points

–Field Level Media

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