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Charge sign MYKaylee, ChoiSehwan

The Guangzhou Charge, aiming to get past a disappointing Overwatch League playoff exit, signed damage players Zou “MYKaylee” Zijie and Se-hwan “ChoiSehwan” Choi.

The team tweeted Friday (China time), “Next up are the rookies, the emerging young talent that has always been part of our identity. The emerging new blood, the fearsome marksman, now let’s welcome (MYKaylee to) the team! …

Then on Saturday (China time), the Charge posted on Twitter, “A rising flex DPS star, we call him The Chosen One. From Element Mystic, now he decides to charge with us. Let’s give a warm welcome to Se-hwan ‘ChoiSehwan’ Choi!”

ChoiSehwan replied on Twitter, “I’m so excited finally join to owl and (be) part of Guangzhou Charge. As it is (my) first season, I will do my best.”

MYKaylee, formerly known as Kayleee, is a 19-year-old China native. In the past two years, he has competed for Cyclone Coupling, Big Time Regal Gaming, Light Gaming and Bilibili Gaming.

ChoiSehwan, an 18-year-old South Korean, has played for Element Mystic and Team Griffin, among other clubs.

Earlier this week, the Charge added support players Young-seo “KariV” Park and Chan-hee “Mandu” Kim of South Korea,

Guangzhou came in fifth place in the 2020 OWL regular season with an 18-7 record, but the Charge bombed out of the Asian playoff bracket, getting swept in consecutive matches by the Seoul Dynasty and the New York Excelsior.

–Field Level Media

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