Ultra upset Subliners in CDL Stage 4, earn bye at major

Toronto Ultra took down the previously unbeaten New York Subliners on Sunday to win Group B and earn a first-round bye in next week’s major, adding some intrigue to the end of Call of Duty League Stage 4, Week 3 action.

Toronto swept New York 3-0, winning 225-205 on Checkmate Hardpoint, 6-4 on Express Search and Destroy and 3-1 on Garrison Control.

The Subliners were looking to finish group play a perfect 5-0, as the Atlanta FaZe managed to do in Group A. Instead, both Toronto and New York went 4-1 and the Ultra won the tiebreaker to become group champions.

Atlanta and Toronto, the two group winners, received first-round byes in the winner’s bracket of the Stage 4 Major. The Subliners’ loss was costly, as they moved into a first-round match against the Minnesota Rokkr and could face Atlanta in the second round.

Two other results Sunday wrapped up group play. The Paris Legion defeated the Seattle Surge, 3-1, and OpTiC Chicago took down the Los Angeles Thieves, 3-1.

Paris won its first two maps, 250-167 on Apocalypse Hardpoint and 6-5 on Miami Search and Destroy. The Surge fought back with a 3-1 victory on Garrison Control, but the Legion closed things out with a decisive 250-171 win on Checkmate Hardpoint.

Chicago and Los Angeles split their first two maps, with OpTiC prevailing 250-163 on Garrison Hardpoint and the Thieves responding with a 6-4 win on Standoff Search and Destroy. It was all Chicago from there, with a 3-0 shutout on Checkmate Control and a 250-126 clincher on Moscow Hardpoint.

The major starts Wednesday with the first round of the loser’s bracket. It will be the first time CDL returns to LAN play since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas, playing host.

Call of Duty League Stage 4 group standings, with match win-loss record, map win-loss record, map differential and total points:

Group A

1. Atlanta FaZe, 5-0, 15-2, +13 — 50 points

2. Minnesota Rokkr, 3-2, 10-10, 0 — 30 points

3. OpTic Chicago, 3-2, 11-8, +3 — 30 points

4. Paris Legion, 2-3, 9-11, -2 — 20 points

T5. Los Angeles Thieves, 1-4, 7-14, -7 — 10 points

T5. Seattle Surge, 1-4, 7-14, -7 — 10 points

Group B

1. Toronto Ultra, 4-1, 14-3, +11 – 40 points

2. New York Subliners, 4-1, 12-8, +4, 40 points

T3. Florida Mutineers, 3-2, 13-9, +4 — 30 points

T3. Dallas Empire, 3-2, 11-10, +1 — 30 points

5. London Royal Ravens, 1-4, 5-13, -8 — 10 points

6. Los Angeles Guerrillas, 0-5, 3-15, -12 — 0 points

–Field Level Media

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