Ultra, Guerrillas tighten standings in CDL Stage 2

The Toronto Ultra and Los Angeles Guerrillas posted wins Friday to tighten up the Group A standings in the third week of Stage 2 at the Guerrillas’ home series.

The Ultra (2-2) swept the London Royal Ravens (2-2) in three maps, while the Guerrillas (1-3) handed the Atlanta FaZe (3-1) their first loss in Group A, three maps to two.

The 2021 Call of Duty League is broken up into five stages, with teams competing for seeding at the major event at the end of every stage. Teams earn points for their stage results, and the top eight teams in the standings will compete in the season-ending, $2.5 million Call of Duty League Championship.

The Ultra’s sweep began with a 250-140 win on Checkmate Hardpoint, and continued with a narrow 6-5 win on Raid Search and Destroy, and finished with a 3-1 victory on Garrison Control.

The Faze jumped out to a pair of leads before the Guerrillas roared. The Faze won 250-176 on Moscow Hardpoint, but the Guerrillas evened the match 6-2 on Miami Search and Destroy.

In a close match, the Faze regained the lead with a 3-2 victory on Checkmate Control, but the Guerrillas again countered with a win, 250-154, on Apocalypse Hardpoint.

The clinching map, Express Search and Destroy, was all Guerrillas, 6-0.

American Reece “Vivid” Drost led the Guerrillas with a kills-deaths ratio of 78-75. McArthur “Cellium” Jovel of the U.S. had a K-D ratio of 69-64 for the FaZe.

Week 3 of Stage 2 continues Saturday with two more matches:
–Florida Mutineers vs. Paris Legion
–Minnesota Rokkr vs. Seattle Surge
–New York Subliners vs. Toronto Ultra

Group A Standings
1. Atlanta FaZe: 3-1 (11-4, +7)
2. New York Subliners: 3-1 (10-7, +3)
T3. Toronto Ultra: 2-2 (8-8, even)
T3. London Royal Ravens: 2-2 (7-7, even)
T5. Los Angeles Guerrillas: 1-3 (6-11, -5)
T5. Los Angeles Thieves: 1-3 (6-11, -5)

Group B Standings
1. Dallas Empire: 3-1 (11-6, +5)
T2. Seattle Surge: 2-2 (8-7, +1)
T2. Florida Mutineers: 2-2 (7-6, +1)
4. Optic Chicago: 2-2 (6-7, -1)
5. Minnesota Rokkr: 2-2 (6-8, -2)
6. Paris Legion: 1-3 (5-9, -4)

–Field Level Media

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