CDL pros say championship to include all 12 teams

The inaugural Call of Duty League Championships apparently will be an all-inclusive event.

When the CDL launched earlier this year, its announced format had eight of the 12 teams earning berths in the season-ending tournament.

However, this week, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles’ Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly said on a stream that the last four teams in the CDL standings also would reach the playoffs, but they would start in a losers bracket.

The Dallas Empire’s James “Clayster” Eubanks expanded on the format change in a Friday tweet.

“Since it got leaked already, there is a point for all of these league matches,” Clayster wrote. “At Champs/Playoffs, 1/2 seed get a two round bye, 3/4 get a one round bye, 5-8 play each other first round in winners, and 9-12 start in losers. Huge to get a top seed, and huge to not start in losers.

“To people not understanding this, find another way to do a 12 team bracket and I’d love to see it. This is the best way.”

The reported switch is just the latest change in a challenging first campaign for the CDL.

The league intended to have homestands in all markets before the coronavirus pandemic forced all matches to be held online.

After the Los Angeles Guerrillas and OpTic Gaming L.A. hosted Week 4 on March 7-8, play was halted for a month, finally resuming with online action April 10.

In recent weeks, the CDL faced criticism of game lag and charges that the system was biased against teams that couldn’t use servers in their area. In response, the league raised its server total from five to nine in various locations across the United States.

Also, a new pre-match procedure was added: Both teams are given the same three servers to test, and each team hands in a blind veto of one server. If the vetoes are different, the remaining server is used for the match. If the vetoes are the same, the CDL’s operations team determines which of the other two servers will be utilized.

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