Atlanta FaZe win hard-fought finals for Stage 4 Major title

The Atlanta FaZe completed an unbeaten run through the Call of Duty League’s Stage 4 Major, pushed to the limit before prevailing over the Dallas Empire 5-4 in the grand finals on Sunday.

The FaZe’s victory is worth $200,000 of the $500,000 prize pool and 75 Call of Duty League points.

Dallas takes home $120,000 and 60 points. The Empire had to win two lower-bracket matches earlier Sunday to get to the finals, defeating OpTic Chicago 3-1 and the Toronto Ultra 3-2.

All matches in the Stage 4 Major were best-of-five, except for the finals, which were best-of-nine.

The finals proved to be a seesaw ride, after the Empire opened with a 250-202 win on Garrison Hardpoint. The FaZe rebounded to win 6-4 on Standoff Search and Destroy and 3-0 on Garrison Control for a 2-1 match lead.

Dallas then won two straight maps, 250-216 on Moscow Hardpoint and 6-3 on Moscow Search and Destroy, to take a 3-2 lead.

Atlanta tied the match with a 3-2 win on Raid Control, but Dallas took a 4-3 overall lead with a 6-1 win on Express Search and Destroy.

The FaZe had one last push, tying the match with a 250-98 win on Apocalypse Hardpoint, and wrapping up the title with a 6-4 victory on Raid Search and Destroy.

The Empire needed a big comeback in the loser’s bracket finals to advance. They fell behind the Ultra with losses on Checkmate Hardpoint (250-69) and Standoff Search and Destroy (6-2).

But Dallas roared back, winning 3-1 on Garrison Control and 250-229 on Moscow Hardpoint, and taking the clincher as well, 6-4 on Moscow Search and Destroy.

Ultra’s third-place finish is worth $80,000 and 50 CDL points.

The Empire had an easier time subduing OpTic Chicago in the loser’s bracket match to start the day. Dallas scored a 250-244 win on Garrison Hardpoint and a 6-3 victory on Express Search and Destroy.

OpTic took the third map, however, 3-2 on Checkmate Control, but the Empire wrapped up the match with a 250-176 win on Moscow Hardpoint.

OpTic settled for $40,000 and 40 CDL points.

The final prize pool:
1. $200,000, 75 CDL points — Atlanta FaZe
2. $120,000, 60 CDL points — Dallas Empire
3. $80,000, 50 CDL points — Toronto Ultra
4. $40,000, 40 CDL points — OpTic Chicago
5-6. $20,000, 30 CDL points — New York Subliners, Minnesota Rokkr
7-8. $10,000, 20 CDL points — Florida Mutineers, Seattle Surge
9-10. no money, 10 CDL points — Los Angeles Guerrillas, Paris Legion
11-12. no money, no CDL points — Los Angeles Thieves, London Royal Ravens

–Field Level Media

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