Student-oriented Generation Esports raises $10.8M in funding

Generation Esports has closed on a $10.8-million Series A round of funding to help grow its community-focused student-based initiatives, as well as its tournament platform.

GenE is the founder of the High School Esports League, what it considers to be the longest running competitive gaming organization for high school students in North America, Australia and New Zealand. It also is the founder of the Middle School Esports League.

Identifying its mission as establishing a gateway for young gamers to pursue a career in the gaming industry, the Kansas City, Mo., based GenE is undertaking a three-month road tour this year to outfit 25 high schools with esports labs.

GenE says it has partnered with 3,400 schools and at least 100,000 students in its high school league alone.

A GenE case study concluded that esports clubs at schools increased student attendance as well as GPA performance.

–Field Level Media

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