Enthusiast Gaming adds Minecraft community MCPE DL

Enthusiast Gaming announced an exclusive representation agreement Thursday with the Minecraft community MCPE DL.

“Right now, establishing community and connection is more important than ever. We are committed to providing all gamers an opportunity to connect over a mutual passion of gaming and share social experiences within our communities,” Enthusiast Gaming president and founder Menashe Kestenbaum said in a news release.

“We are excited to welcome MCPE DL into our growing network of avid gamers as we continue to provide meaningful interactions with our friends and fellow gamers around the world.”

MCPE DL is an independent online destination that provides downloadable content such as add-ons, maps, mods and texture packs to Minecraft fans. MCPE DL generates an average of 28 million page views with 4.5 million visitors per month.

The addition of MCPE DL to the Enthusiast Gaming network will increase the total monthly site viewership by about 5 percent, according to the release.

–Field Level Media

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