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Brack, Ultra trade barbs over player treatment, pay

In the latest in a back-and-forth between the Toronto Ultra and Call of Duty League players concerning how the team treats its players, Carson “Brack” Newberry and the club posted their own statements Sunday, contradicting one another on the circumstances surrounding the decision to stop paying Brack.

Earlier in the week, three-time COD world champion Ian “Crimsix” Porter blasted the Ultra for the way they allegedly treated players in the 2020 season. Among allegations was that the team mistreated Brack while the player was tending to his grandfather, who had to undergo open heart surgery.

In Sunday’s first development, the Ultra released a statement titled, “The truth about Brack.” In that statement, the Ultra claimed that during the season, Brack asked to leave the team and the city of Toronto for a family emergency, and that the team continued to pay him, “despite the fact that we had no contractual or legal obligation to do so, so that he could be with his loved ones without financial pressure to return to his job.”

The team claimed that within days, Brack claimed he was sick and the team continued to pay him. The team decide to stop paying him only after finding out Brack “had cleaned out his belongings from his residence in advance of leaving Toronto for the family emergency, indicating to us that he never intended to return to his work duties in the first place.”

Shortly after that release was posted, Brack posted his own statement, tweeting his rebuttal with what he claimed was a doctor’s note.

“Didn’t plan on saying anything, but with Toronto Ultra releasing a statement, I find it necessary to come out and tell my side,” Brack tweeted before attaching a screengrab of his letter.

The 21-year-old Brack claimed he contracted a staph infection while away from the club but, despite a doctor’s note that ordered Brack not to travel for at least 14 days, the team stopped paying him at that point. He included an image of the doctor’s note in his tweet.

Brack also claimed that while he did indeed move his furniture out of where he was staying in Toronto, he did so because it would be easier than returning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and claimed the team knew this ahead of time.

He also claimed he would have scrimmaged and done “any media duties required” from his home.

Brack, a substitute the entire 2020 Call of Duty League season, and the Ultra parted ways earlier this month.

Toronto finished 11-13 in the Call of Duty League in 2020.

–Field Level Media

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